Two Decades Remembered - A Classic Parlor with a Twist

At Hot Stone Pizzeria, youll be treated to a family-friendly atmosphere with a 1990s and early 2000s feel. Its the kind of place youll want to come after a youth sports game or a trip to the roller skating rink. Whether for birthday parties or hangouts, at Hot Stone Pizzeria, well be serving pizza with unbeatable flavor!

'Meet the Owners of Hot Stone Pizzeria

Hot Stones creators Jim and Kayla love the idea of great food and atmosphere. For 20 plus years, they have provided excellent food and service throughout the country, with roots in the Mid and Northwest regions. Being a family of 5, they eat a lot of pizza and miss the era of traditional pizzerias, order, sit, play, and eat. Their goal is to create a spot that is inviting for family and friends to eat and enjoy each others company. In an ever-evolving industry, they are bringing their passion and creativity to their new neighbors in Southwest Missouri.